Q: Where can I listen to Dizney Coast to Coast?

A: Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, SpotifyStitcher, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Deezer,  RadioPublic, and Libsyn.

Q: When did Dizney Coast to Coast first premiere?
A: DCTC premiered in February 2014.


Q:  When are new episodes of Dizney Coast to Coast released?

A: New episodes of DCTC are released every Wednesday. The easiest way to never miss an episode is by subscribing.

Q: Where do you record Dizney Coast to Coast?
A: In Burbank, California down the street from The Walt Disney Studios and 40 miles from Disneyland.

Q: Do you prefer Disneyland or Walt Disney World?

A: An impossible question to answer.

Q: Is Dizney Coast to Coast affiliated with The Walt Disney Company?

A: No. DCTC is a fan-made Disney podcast.

Q: Who performs the Mickey Mouse voiceover in each episode?

A: DCTC host Jeff DePaoli is a voiceover artist and performs the Mickey voice you hear in DCTC episodes. You can hear his other voiceover work here.

Q: Do you have any favorite Disney books and/or

documentary suggestions?

A: Find a list of my favorites by clicking here.

Q: I want to be part of the show. Can I pitch an idea?
A: Sure! Just click here to submit an idea.

Q: Does Dizney Coast to Coast have a mailing address?

A: Not currently.

Q: Does Dizney Coast to Coast have an official hashtag?

A: Yes. Use #DCTC when posting on social media and/or tag @DizneyCTC.

Q: Is it free to listen to Dizney Coast to Coast?

A: Yes, but that does not mean it is free to produce episodes. You can learn ways to support the show at no additional cost to you by clicking here.

Q: How can I help other Disney fans find Dizney Coast to Coast?
A: Leaving reviews, ratings and comments on whatever platform you listen helps us reach a wider audience. Also, sharing your favorite episodes on social media is very beneficial. Be sure to tag @DizneyCTC.

Q: Why does Jeff insist it be called Walt Disney World and not just Disney World?

A: Click here for the explanation.

Q: I want to start a podcast. Do you have any tips?

A: Yes! I created a course called You Can Podcast Now to answer all of those questions.

Q: Does Jeff produce any additional podcasts?
A: You can find more quality and entertaining podcasts produced and hosted by Jeff DePaoli at

Q: How do I contact Dizney Coast to Coast? 

A: Click here or email, or you can leave a voicemail at 818-860-2569

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"Dizney Coast to Coast" is a fan podcast and is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.