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You Can Podcast Now - podcast course

Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast? If so, I highly suggest it. After years of hosting and producing Dizney Coast to Coast, I've gotten in quite the groove of regularly creating new episodes. But it wasn't that easy when I began. Let me help you by taking out a lot of the guessing work out and allowing me to show you exactly how I've consistently produced quality episodes. This course is made for the person who thinks to themselves "I'm not tech-savvy. It'll cost too much. It takes too much time. etc." This at-your-own-pace course shows you why you shouldn't have those concerns and why you should start podcasting NOW! It also comes with a bunch of bonuses. Check them out below.

You Can Podcast Now - podcast course

In the full You Can Podcast Now course, you'll get:

* Shown the equipment you'll want to use.

* Shown how to record and edit audio for free.

* Discussions about the qualities of a good host.

* Shown how to use a free video conference tool for guests/co-hosts.

* Shown how to distribute your podcast.

* Discussions about booking guests.

* AND MORE. (10 course videos total)


Plus Audio Bonuses:

* Getting and Conducting Interviews Like a Pro

* Grow Your Audience and Wallet with Podcasting

* How I Booked Major Guests


Plus Document Bonuses:

* Tips for Podcasters

* Podcasting 101

* Podcasting for Business

* Podcasting Music and Formats

* Podcasts About Podcasting List


EVERYTHING mentioned above comes with this complete course for just one low price.

To Order The Full YOU CAN PODCAST NOW Course with Bonuses:
1) Visit
2) Send $27.00 (Twenty-Seven Dollars U.S.D.)
3) "Add a note," mention you're ordering this course and
INCLUDE the email address where you would like it sent.

The content is sent as mp4 (video), mp3 (audio) and pdf (documents) via email.
Should you run into any issues after ordering, feel free to email

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podcast course - You Can Podcast Now
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